Our Mission

The emergence of new diseases, changes in lifestyle, social evolution, the development of Genetics and –omics, the complexity of technological resources as well as many other factors, makes research and development of new therapeutic solutions an ever pressing but quite complicated necessity, with an interdisciplinary approach.

It is the mission of PKNM Solutions to establish and manage international public-private partnerships in pursuit of innovative, multidisciplinary R&D for safe and socially treasured therapeutic solutions.

The mission of the PKNM Solutions is the advancement of sciences for a more understandable Translational Solutions in Modern Biomedical Era, better medicines, more cutting – edge Biomedical Technology, specifically Disease driven and a better standard of Global Health.

By implementing research and development initiatives that precisely address unmet research gaps and medical needs, our Team is contributing to improve the rate of satisfaction towards Novel Health care and Quality of Life, in future. As an innovative frontier area, we are also moving beyond the field of disease and actively contributing on the correct implementation of Research and Identification and Prioritization of Gaps that are crucial for the R&D of Novel Therapeutics in all Nosological Categories.

Core target of PKNM Solutions is to translate research and innovation into tangible benefits for society as well as for Academia and Industry to create a truly “win – win” case. Focusing on translational research and translational therapeutics, we will deliver accomplished solutions in high demand, by the pharmaceutical companies and healthcare systems, in their bid to rationalize the development and use of innovative products and services. This truly interdisciplinary and multi-institutional approach is unique in its scope and unparalleled in its capabilities. It will bridge the translational gap from discoveries on disease targets and mechanisms into novel diagnostic and therapeutic agents. The initiative takes advantage of a robust cooperation among the participants, while fostering the highest quality standard levels and state-of-the-art principles.