Data Analysis and Modeling

 PKNM Solutions is an emerging life sciences and healthcare analytics business that provides a new breed of decision support solutions to drive improved knowledge based decision-making.

Our focus is on complex contexts

  • In the first instance we carefully plan an intelligent experimental design that generates the data
  • We carry out an integrated analysis to make sense of the data


  • Experienced Pool of Academic and Independent Application Scientists
  • The Team applies Scientific Informatics to Experimental Analysis and Reporting
  • Predictive Methods to Risk Assessment
  • Scientific applications increasingly involve the integration of diverse sources of evidence
  • Heterogeneous Evidence must often be combined from different disciplines (Medicine, Chemistry, Biology, Pharmacology, Toxicology, Bioinformatics and computer science in drug discovery)
  • Complex models must integrate data from different spatial and temporal dimensions

With healthcare systems and organizations, we evaluate current risk assessment, diagnostic and treatment practices helping to provide more effective and efficient care and outcomes to the benefit of their physicians and patients and at lower costs.

With investment groups we are involved in evaluating products and/or companies in due diligence, both for in- and out-licensing as well as investment considerations.