Collaboration is the motto of the PKNM Solutions that is often the key to success for emerging biotech companies and big pharma alike as it can open the door to new markets, influencers and revenue streams. We are trying to integrate ideas, with visible and clear concepts by brilliant minds to create “products”.

While the advent of technology has shaped the healthcare sector over the past five years, evidenced by many healthcare providers, the effects of technology have yet to be fully realized. Over the five years to 2020, the healthcare sector will increasingly exploit new technologies to address problems currently afflicting healthcare providers and recipients. To improve patient care and boost disease prevention, therapeutic approaches, novel developments in Pharma R&D, patient satisfaction, e-consulting technology, and web-based systems for Disease and Patients Stratification, will become increasingly popular. The absence of an effective market and resulting lack of financial incentives to private sector investment has contributed to limited private sector engagement and restricted innovation in the field of global health R&D technologies. As a consequence, only 10 percent of global health research is devoted to conditions that account for 90 percent of the global disease burden.

The only way this technology is going to revolutionize health is if it actually tells doctors what they really need to know about their patients when they need to know it and the researchers what they are missing and where they should target. New technologies and innovations are constantly changing and improving the way we do things and approach problems. We aim to advance global health goals by accelerating the development of products that may not otherwise have been created.