Medical & Wellness Tourism

Medical_Tourism Deloitte has reported that in 2012 approximately 1,6 million Americans may travel internationally for healthcare, spending billions of dollars.

Medical tourism is focused around people who travel to a different place to receive treatment for a disease, ailment or condition, and who are seeking lower cost of care, higher quality of care, better access to care or different care than what they could receive at home.  The category also includes cross-border travel by persons seeking cosmetic enhancements. It involves conventional medical approaches, performed by licensed medical professionals at medical facilities to solve problems. The consumer: either ill or seeking cosmetic/dental surgical procedures or enhancements.

Wellness tourism is focused around people who travel to a different place to proactively pursue activities that maintain or enhance their personal health and well-being, and who are seeking unique, authentic or location-based experiences/therapies not available at home. These experiences may, but typically do not involve, medical doctors/facilities. The consumer: seeking integrated wellness and prevention approaches to improve their health/quality of life.

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  • Health Tourism: “wellness” and “medical”

In modern era this trend of traveling abroad for medical –health care is becoming increasingly popular. Patients are opting to travel outside their home country to avail a high quality, affordable and easily accessible healthcare services. Both health seekers and health care service providers are benefiting from this. The patients can receive timely, high quality treatment for their diseases or health problem at affordable prices, and on the other end the destinations can generate revenue by providing the services that the medical tourist are looking for.  Now a day, medical tourism is not limited to medical, dental and surgical care. The concept of medical tourism is beyond that. People are traveling abroad to avail health as well as wellness. The terms including, health tourism, global healthcare, wellness tourism, spa tourism are used to describe the various programs that are designed to provide a better healthy status with overall wellness.

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