PKNM Solutions provides the expertise to organize, run, support, and manage collaborative research projects both innovation-oriented and service-based. We can draw on our hundreds of community contacts to assemble the best team for the job, working within an effective virtual organization structure.

Translational Research A – Z

PKNM Solutions facilitate skills development, team building, mentoring, funding, and identifies external resources, allowing investigators and teams to translate clinical discoveries. Our ultimate goal is to leverage these discoveries to impact patient care through the development, testing, and adoption of novel prevention strategies, diagnostics, therapeutics, and biomarkers. The result: innovation in clinical and translational research methods and the incorporation of new technologies to improve patient healthcare.

Our mission is focused on:

  • Develop innovative technologies and methodologies and assist with their clinical implementation while creating opportunities for cross-disciplinary investigators to enter collaborations and form teams
  • Bridge the chasm between discovery of basic biomedical observations and their clinical applications through the provision of resources, mentoring, and expertise
  • Reach throughout and beyond Switzerland to identify collaborators, tools, technologies, and monetary support to help support promising initiatives
  • Helping Transferring Translational Research to Successful Start – Ups, Novel Ventures. To adequately prepare researchers for the successful launch of new ventures, Start Up will provide teams with critical services and resources, including the following:
    • Project management expertise
    • Team building
    • Formal assessment of tools and technology needs
    • Skills development
    • Mentorship
    • Guidance on plans for a successful launch