Medical Affairs

Overseeing patient recruitment, researching scientific, medical and economic data, identifying future trends and gaps, developing publications, and reviewing outcomes data have proved to be challenging when manual efforts are used for these activities. Managing resources effectively and operating efficiently is imperative to the success of organizations where resources are lean and tasks are numerous.

PKNM Solutions’ experience in streamlining processes, knowledge management, integrating use of web-based technology, data warehousing, data mining and use of data reporting tools have helped many Medical Affairs groups become high-performance organizations. We help our clients achieve the operational excellence that gives them the competitive edge needed in today’s marketplace.

Bringing a new pharmaceutical product to market is a unique process based on a number of requirements for supporting a product launch. For a research and development (R&D) company, launching a product into market may seem to be an issue for someone else to handle in the far-distant future and at a much later time. But even at laboratory or early development stages, biotechnology companies should understand the language of pharmaceutical companies and know how that industry operates. Doing so helps biotech companies make early decisions regarding their investigational products that could lead to future success.

Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs) traditionally hold two main roles: to support a range of educational and/or research goals. But their real value lies in scientific and clinical expertise that allows them to cultivate relationships with both external and internal parties.

Medical information experts are key resources within medical affairs for both MSL and commercial teams. A medical information group can address typical concerns about commercial drug products, including safety, efficacy, dosing, and administration. At the time of launch, medical information experts are often the primary recipients of questions from patients, healthcare providers, and other interested parties.

Our Team provides comprehensively Solutions on Global Organizational Design, Departmental planning, Budget support and tracking Spend optimization within Medical Affairs.