Biopharmaceutical Innovation

Healthcare & Life sciences innovation is critical to growth and socio-economic development as healthy people produce healthy economies. Efficient and effective delivery of patient-focused products and services can improve a population’s longevity, wellness, productivity and economic potential.

The “Market” is facing an urgent need to meet the unique demands of patients, regulators, and payers, necessitating a move toward a more patient-centric, value-driven, and personalized healthcare ecosystem.

Bio entrepreneurship is the process of creating value from life science innovation. The fundamental notion is about moving a life science discovery or invention from the research phase through development to a commercial market.

Innovation Translational Parks have the unique potential to spur productive, inclusive and sustainable economic development. At a time of lethargic growth, they provide a strong foundation for the creation and expansion of firms and jobs by helping companies, entrepreneurs, universities, researchers and investors—across sectors and disciplines—co-invent and co-produce new discoveries for the market.

Global academic reforms over the last decade have encouraged entrepreneurship and technology transfer from universities to industry. These reforms are now hopefully, yielding results. Science and business leaders hope these changes push the “Market” into the next phase of innovation development, with increased flexibility and transparency, a more global focus, and more national and international collaboration.

PKNM Solutions’ mission is to improve human health by developing creative approaches to diagnose and treat Systematic Diseases, rare Diseases and other life-changing Diseases. To accomplish this goal, we’ve created a novel strategic approach:

  • Integrates the academic and scientific resources of Academia and the clinical expertise of Accredited Healthcare Institutions
  • Brings together teams of life scientists, physicians, biologists, basic scientists, “systems” scientists, engineers, computer scientists and physical scientists to focus on clinical disorders
  • Fosters collaboration with the private sector to speed the application of ideas and new technologies that could help diagnose and treat disease